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Privacy Policy

Apollo Energy's privacy policy

Privacy Policy

Here at Apollo Energy, we are committed to ensuring we offer a flawless level of customer service on all levels; including on our website. As a result, we are using a range of analytical software provided by Google to gather information about how our visitors interact with our website. There are several reasons for this:

After all, we want to make sure you find everything you need when you visit us online. We also employ a range of additional security measures across our website and ensure that any material loaded onto the site (that you may wish to download) is thoroughly checked for potential viruses before being put live. We use a variety of screening techniques, so you can rest assured that your computer and data are protected while you are on our site. All the information we collect will be kept strictly confidential and will only be used to improve the usability, quality and interface of our website. We do not collect personal information. To read more about the analytical software we are using, please follow this link.  

Cookie Policy


To comply with EU legislation that was introduced in May 2012, this page documents how this website might collect information as you browse and use it to provide a tailored service to improve your online experience.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files which collect and store small amounts of data as you browse which can be accessed later by our web server or your own computer to provide a more tailored browsing experience.

A cookie is sometimes created when you load a new webpage and then stored in your browser's cache. This enables this website to use this information to remember your personal settings and preferences when you revisit the website.

Cookies are often used when you log in to a website or submit a form, allowing us to use that information throughout our service and prevent you from entering the same information on multiple occasions.

It is possible to disable cookies in your browser, but is likely to result in a less streamlined browsing experience.

The cookies that are used by this website are listed below, along with an explanation of how and why they are used.

Cookies we use


Google provide services for web statistics, social media, video content and maps.

Analytics is a web statistics service that tracks how people find and use websites. The information is anonymous and helps webmasters plan improvements to websites.

Google also runs a social media service called Google+ and the +1 button requires Google login for full functionality.

Google's video content is provided by YouTube, which uses the same cookie procedures as the analytics and +1 platforms.

Other cookies for features such as Google Maps may also be used, which may track your approximate location in order to provide directions and distances to certain locations.

For more information on Google's services and how they use cookies, please see their privacy policy below:

Please read Google's privacy policy before using our websites. How Google uses data


Information or preferences that you enter into our website may sometimes be stored in a cookie. Data entered into login or feedback forms is likely to be stored in this way, allowing us to ensure you stay connected to the website without having to enter the same details on multiple occasions.

Facebook Pixel

Our website utilises the 'Pixel' service of Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (“Facebook”). This tool allows us to re-target users on Facebook after they have visited the Apollo energy site. It is also an analytics tool used to record the efficacy of Facebook advertisements for statistical and market research purposes. The collected data remain anonymous. This means that we cannot see the personal data of any individual user. However, the collected data is saved and processed by Facebook*. Facebook is able to connect the data with your Facebook account and use the data for their own advertising purposes, in accordance with Facebook's Data Use Policy. You can revoke your permission at Facebook - Website custom audiences.

(* Information accurate at the time of writing this statement.)

LinkedIn Insight Tag

Our website utilises the “Insight Tag” conversion tracking service of LinkedIn Corp. This allows us to re-target users on LinkedIn after they have visited the Apollo Energy site. This is also an analytics tool that allows us to record the effectiveness of LinkedIn advertisements. The collected data remains anonymous. This means we cannot see the personal data of any individual user. The collected data is saved and processed by LinkedIn. LinkedIn is able to connect the data with your LinkedIn account and use the data for their own advertising purposes, in accordance with LinkedIn’s data use policy.


This website contains links to other websites that are not controlled by Apollo Energy This privacy statement applies only to this website.

Opt Out

Methods for disabling cookies differ across different web browsers.

For information on how to disable cookies in your own particular web browser, visit the link below:

You can remove existing cookies from your browser by clearing your web history and cache.

Note: Disabling cookies is likely to mean you experience a less streamlined browsing experience. Most users prefer for cookies to be enabled but you do have the option through your web browser to disable or clear them at any time if you wish.

Requesting a copy of your personal information

You may, at any time, request a copy of the personal information we hold on you, free of charge. To do this, please contact us via email at We will aim to respond within three working days and provide the information within 28 days.